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It’s her world too…

 “ Women ” This term also has “Men” in it. Does that imply as Without-Men or Wow-Men!!  I am not seriously trying to decode the term but just wondering, Men & Women are intertwined and co-related. Without each other their existence was impossible. This might sound a little vague but definitely a fact!  So while both these species are just a form of “Human being” having come to this earth as individuals to explore and evolve, the world seems to mistakenly “Exploit” the other. " For most of history, Anonymous was a woman ." ―  Virginia Woolf Sadly but truly this was the case earlier and even now though the world has developed and technology rules, the world is being ruled by women personalities, few unprivileged ones live anonymously. But not to forget this Anonymous specie “Woman” is the most devoured and ogled at every time she walks by the opposite sex. Be it anywhere! No one can deny that, though existence can be anonymous but t

Finally you are here....

Dim yellow lights, N 2 beer pints, With crispy potato fries n salted peanuts. The weather out is hot, Would it rain or not?? Thinks here the entire lot... Your wish is my command, N it finally starts to rain, Light drizzles with cool breeze.. Smiles on all faces, Minds all relaxed and at peace, Streets are all clean n shining black... The rains are finally here, Aah says my mind, peeping through The glass window of the car.. 4 long months of heat, Nobody could beat, This evening could finally beat it!!

Love You!!!

You touch my toes, my little feet, I pull them inside and try to cover them. You brisk and glide softly over my hands, N am full of sweet goose bumps. I can feel your touch all over my body, N I have no option but coil my body. I just want to sleep, just want to hug. And feel the warmth and coziness. Ohhhhh! How I just Love You Mumbai Winters !

Touché 1st Class

Started traveling by 1st class since last week and had this mixed feeling inside me . Traveling on Day 1 it was tough to stop myself from sharing my experience through my blog. While traveling started scribbling on my BB and shared it with a friend of mine "TheAngrySaint" who then gave it some finishing touch and here it goes :  Credits : @theangrysaint The amazing thing about Mumbai city is its pace. Time literally flies and the citizens are found running around, trying to catch up! Commuting to Vikhroli & back had toughened me a lot in the past 7 Months, but the mind finally made me succumb to the lure of life on the other side of the II Class Section of the Ladies Compartment. I finally decided to leave get over my skepticism and overlook the huge hole in my wallet caused by the 400% price difference in fares. It may be the same train and at times, even the same compartment, but life in the I Class section for the Ladies is in marked difference. 

Developing India! Is it really?

After a long time, I got some food for thought post a conversation with an age-old uncle who wailed like his fellow allies against the cacophony during Ganpati visarjan to rising inflation, corruption, current generation, importance of money over relations etc. To some extent I couldn’t agree more to his crux of the conversation. So pen down my thoughts here. “Arey chalo aage! Utro utro!” (Move ahead, get down get down) are some famous words we hear every day in our lives or rather live with them. Every single day in Mumbai is a struggle and is moving at a super fast pace. Routine life for a working employee is; wake up in the morning, complete morning chores, leave for work (or to put in  a better way - run for work) reach work, strive hard, rush back home, have dinner and sleep for another day repeating the entire routine. Most of you readers would agree with this and few defy it. But still this is the life of a Mumbaikar amongst majority. Everything is happen

Everyday is a WAR...

It's just not a railway station, It's more of a mission impossible. Everyone is struggling hard to reach to their destination, Shoving their way through the battlefield. Everyday is like a war, fighting hard through hundred of thousand people, Just to make a way out safe and wish to happily travel. Pushing, hitting, scratching, pinching, screaming, screeching, cribbing, Everyone is a part of this everyday game unwillingly. Everyday is a surprise with different people u come across in your journey, Everyday u face different situations, few are scary while few are funny. Time flies away just so fast, running everyday like this. Do you even realize how much of it have u lived completely just for your own Self?