Thursday, February 11, 2016

Where Art Thou?....

It's a lovely winter Sunday evening, am spending my once a month weekend at my parent's place. Mom and I step out of the house to do some mother-daughter shopping at our very own favorite destination "Dadar" wink emoticon
We come to this Pure Leather Purse shop "Vikas Leathers", Ground Floor Star Mall. A small, with no jazzy interiors done kinds place, with 4-5 glass shelves with pure leather purses, wallets, sling bags, visiting card holders displayed on them in a simple manner. These days, hardly people use pure leather ones, except the quality lovers. But this uncle at the age of 60s, pretty healthy and at peace sitting in the chair in his shop, with one assistant guy selling those purses to customers, has some amazing collection. Usually such shops don't grab eyeballs as much Hidesign, Michael Kors, Baggit, Gucci, etc. I suggest the uncle to hang the trendy purses on the forefront of their shop so that people would know what amazing collection he has. He nods his head positively and then just looks at me and says, "Dear, thank you for the lovely suggestion, but I have no interest left and am happy with my collection." I felt as if I offended him with my piece of suggestion and quickly apologized to him, but he said, "Naa Naa, what I meant was, I lost my only son a month ago and I have nothing left to improve in life for." 

I went quiet and didn't know how to react, and he went on. 

"My only son "Vikas", 30 years good looking, born and brought up in the Dharavi slums, very decent and sweet spoken with a knack to sell or convince anyone - anything, a guy who loved his parents to the core, had a passion to achieve something great in life and used to bring life to the house or any place he went. He traveled across India and bought a 10 acres land in our village at Kudal, Ratnagiri where he also spent time and taught kids of Adivasi families, supported Sir Narendra Dabholkar in anti-superstition acts and did not allow me or his mom to even light a Diya or place God's photo in this shop, but always said "Believe in yourself and your hard work that is the real god". He too had bought a new house worth 35 lakhs on his own. He also went to Assam to hoist the flag last year with the Indian army, he was always striving hard to help others and brought a smile on every person's face. He could make a business of 1 lakh in 4 days in their shop and changed roles from a happy, funny and jovial son in their house to a serious, diplomat smart businessman in client meetings. 

Though we lived in Dharavi, Vikas never had "Tapori or Low-level/Cheap" friends, never fell for smoking/drinking or any bad habits. Only habits he had were over working for everyone who needed help and crazy for Non-veg food.
31st Dec 2015 he went to our village to celebrate New Year with the Adivasi families along with a few of our factory men and wished his mom and me, midnight 12 a Happy New Year and next day had a sumptuous non-vegetarian lunch and was back on the way home. Suddenly, in the middle of the road, he puked out twice-thrice and our team took him to a local doctor there who asked them to rush him to the Ratnagiri hospital since he got a major attack. By the time he was shifted to the hospital he gave up and took his last breath. The moment I got the call on his vomits and heart attack I quickly asked my friend in the village to rush to the spot with 2-3 lakhs rupees while I transferred the same in his account. 

But who knew this money could not save my son. Would not give him another breath for survival."
Hearing to this I can't express how I felt that moment, but I salute to the parents who brought up "Vikas", such a gem of a person in the slums of Dharavi and their upbringing really made them proud. His dad shared how he sat in the shop selling purses aimlessly just for their own survival, but felt like a widow and a house without a roof and hopes someday Vikas comes back or he receives a call hearing his voice calling "Baba". He prays that no parent gets such a life, where they hope to see their grown up son get married and settled and have a wonderful family of his own.
Every New Year for them will not bring these parents a smile or hope to live a happy fresh year, but will refresh Vikas' memories he left back with them. I could not console uncle, but could just tell them try and be happy and Vikas is still with them in spirit around, and he would be happy to see you smile and not in tears.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

It’s her world too…


This term also has “Men” in it. Does that imply as Without-Men or Wow-Men!! 

I am not seriously trying to decode the term but just wondering, Men & Women are intertwined and co-related. Without each other their existence was impossible. This might sound a little vague but definitely a fact! 

So while both these species are just a form of “Human being” having come to this earth as individuals to explore and evolve, the world seems to mistakenly “Exploit” the other.

"For most of history, Anonymous was a woman." ― Virginia Woolf

Sadly but truly this was the case earlier and even now though the world has developed and technology rules, the world is being ruled by women personalities, few unprivileged ones live anonymously.

But not to forget this Anonymous specie “Woman” is the most devoured and ogled at every time she walks by the opposite sex. Be it anywhere!

No one can deny that, though existence can be anonymous but the existence of a woman makes life worth living. A workplace may be boring with all men around and imagine the offices with only Martians in well scented, well groomed & well built personalities moving around. The motivation to even dress up well would not exist with any beautiful Venusians around. 

Women are as equally competitive, rather more efficient, and ambitious, good decision makers at every workplace, possibly since the trait is inbuilt or inherited. Growing economy, improving mindset towards education, career development, rising expenses, changing lifestyle, demanding workforce etc has given up on the narrow mindset towards the idea of “woman’s place is in the home”. Women have paved their way in today’s workplace.

Everyone marvels at Hillary Clinton, first female Secretary of United States; at Indra Nooyi, Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo.; and at Facebook India Head Kirthiga Reddy, Chanda Kochhar, MD of ICICI Bank and many more, in the last 3-4 decades have made their mark in their respective fields.

No matter how much progress women have made, they are not close to getting their share of the leadership roles in any industry anywhere in the world. There is so much more that must be accomplished for women. Despite everything that has happened, we still don't have true equal pay and we still don't have equal access to jobs, especially those in traditionally male-dominated fields such as math, science, and technology.

So, while we can look back with pride on the accomplishments of women before us, we must also look forward with determination to break down the remaining barriers that limit women's opportunities.

Give a woman the respect, space and support to grow and see the leaps and bounds she would cross to make this world a worthwhile one to live in.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Finally you are here....

Dim yellow lights,
N 2 beer pints,
With crispy potato fries n salted peanuts.

The weather out is hot,
Would it rain or not??
Thinks here the entire lot...

Your wish is my command,
N it finally starts to rain,
Light drizzles with cool breeze..

Smiles on all faces,
Minds all relaxed and at peace,
Streets are all clean n shining black...

The rains are finally here,
Aah says my mind, peeping through
The glass window of the car..

4 long months of heat,
Nobody could beat,
This evening could finally beat it!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Love You!!!

You touch my toes, my little feet,
I pull them inside and try to cover them.

You brisk and glide softly over my hands,
N am full of sweet goose bumps.

I can feel your touch all over my body,
N I have no option but coil my body.

I just want to sleep, just want to hug.
And feel the warmth and coziness.

Ohhhhh! How I just Love You Mumbai Winters!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Touché 1st Class

Started traveling by 1st class since last week and had this mixed feeling inside me . Traveling on Day 1 it was tough to stop myself from sharing my experience through my blog.
While traveling started scribbling on my BB and shared it with a friend of mine "TheAngrySaint" who then gave it some finishing touch and here it goes :  Credits: @theangrysaint
The amazing thing about Mumbai city is its pace. Time literally flies and the citizens are found running around, trying to catch up!

Commuting to Vikhroli & back had toughened me a lot in the past 7 Months, but the mind finally made me succumb to the lure of life on the other side of the II Class Section of the Ladies Compartment. I finally decided to leave get over my skepticism and overlook the huge hole in my wallet caused by the 400% price difference in fares.

It may be the same train and at times, even the same compartment, but life in the I Class section for the Ladies is in marked difference. 

Day 1 begins sans all the jostling and pushing hoopla that is an inseparable part of boarding the II Class. The comfortable entry was a relief, but I had to remind myself that it is the I Class, so was treading forth softly. There was no death of those well cushioned seats and I settled in on the third one at a bench.
Slam! I literally jumped up as I sensed the piercing look giving me the once over, from head to toe, as if I was some alien from outer space. The stout dame behind those fierce looking eyes made me do a double check on the B/O meter and I only breathed a lil’ easy, when the readings came out fine. Figured it was just her curiosity, over the simple looking girl who looked like she’d stepped in like an uninvited guest.

Then there was this PYT(pretty young thing) sitting across with consummate nonchalance. Given that the space had reduced ever since I sat down, a decent request was sent out to shift her ‘branded’ shoe adorned leg a little. The request went unheeded as though it’d come from someone too low on the pecking order. My resulting head-shake and the supportive smirk from the lady adjacent to me seemed to have the desired effect though. The slightly better leg-room was appreciated with a sigh of relief.

With the BB music player still belting out the latest hits in my ears, a casual glance was thrown around at my fellow commuters. Most looked to be quite brand conscious and their bods gave away signals of regular pedicures and manicures, amongst other beauty treatments. The sight reminded me of mannequins decked and kept with utmost care besides each other.
Meanwhile, the stout girl who’d come in to sit next to me, seemed immune to the fact that she was cramping me out. A few well-placed nudges however, did the trick and it got a bit easier to breathe later on. 

Reflecting back, I realized that, I Class travel may be physically comforting, but it is rather difficult to have the mind at ease. Having experienced the empty egos out there, I couldn’t help but notice that the heart was missing something. Something that the II Class offered in abundance – The Human Touch! Sigh!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Developing India! Is it really?

After a long time, I got some food for thought post a conversation with an age-old uncle who wailed like his fellow allies against the cacophony during Ganpati visarjan to rising inflation, corruption, current generation, importance of money over relations etc. To some extent I couldn’t agree more to his crux of the conversation. So pen down my thoughts here.

“Arey chalo aage! Utro utro!” (Move ahead, get down get down) are some famous words we hear every day in our lives or rather live with them. Every single day in Mumbai is a struggle and is moving at a super fast pace. Routine life for a working employee is; wake up in the morning, complete morning chores, leave for work (or to put in  a better way - run for work) reach work, strive hard, rush back home, have dinner and sleep for another day repeating the entire routine. Most of you readers would agree with this and few defy it. But still this is the life of a Mumbaikar amongst majority.

Everything is happening or moving so fast these days, that it would also leave behind the jet plane or the super fast Rajdhani Express behind. Inflation rising up resulting in the basic necessities to shoot up almost every week, rising number of cars manufactured and an equal number of them wading through the heavy traffic every day. Sky-walks, flyovers, bridges, roads, towers, malls, highways etc are being constructed at every corner at a lightning speed. And with this hurried construction using substandard materials result early eroding, collapsing, wearing out which is inevitable. This at the end is benefiting the makers and the users but proving detrimental to the users more. The latest example is the Andheri-Kurla metro slab collapse; leaving more than a dozen people suffer.  

ROADS! Aah! Now this is the best part about Mumbai. We have the best quality of roads, long stretched, smooth, fit for long drives. Damn it! These are just the dreams all of us see and end up thinking of planning out for a long holiday out of this so called city of gold. GOLD! Oh my god! Should I also talk or think about it? Anyways will come to it later since the wait still persists, Sigh! So coming back to the roads, yes we have to travel to and fro in Mumbai using the so called strong roads with lovely beauty spots in them at almost every juncture. There are almost countable roads in Mumbai which are really good, but then are these the ones where everyday employee need to wade his way through? Almost all the roads outside every railway station are amongst the competitors of chuckholes. During the rains it’s a task to miss the colored water splash of these chuckholes chuckle at you. Rickshaws are reluctant to splash and form a design on your clothes every monsoon making you feel deuced. Buses help you make better designs. But then whom to blame for this? Blame game is another favorite pursuit in India for all of us. Pursuit for happiness being the first! (Chuckles)

Instead of this, can’t the government and citizens be more matured and take care of the nation or cities they live in on their own? Citizens vote the so called government and the government in return gives the citizens a chance to remember them in daily revolt. Though it is a fast moving life for all of us but I feel, citizens need to realize they are human beings and God is really great to have blessed us with this life with all our senses intact. Why not make use of these senses sensibly and be aware of our responsibilities every moment? Our routine life as mentioned above is almost similar for all of us as a human being, then why not be a little bit more vigilant while living it? We all see the filth; heaps of garbage, shit, and hodgepodge of spits, rising slums, plastic orphaned everywhere and everyday commuting travelers adding more to the open bin. If any one tries to stop such garbage makers they get a good piece of mind in return from them which leave them no place to retaliate. Coming back to Government, they haven’t made any provisions for throwing this shit anywhere. Citizens have been kind enough to bear with all this and live in the same filth every day and still not take a step to avoid it nor a step to raise their concerns. But even if few have raised a concern is anyone really going to pay heed to them and solve it? It’s just before elections that little show-shining is done by area specific candidates and things are back to pavilion post elections. There’s a lot to write on, “The roads of Mumbai”. Guess an entire blog would continue on this topic.

Coming to the most alluring thing in this country, GOLD. This is like an invincible desire for most of us these days. It’s more like owning a BMW for a wedding occasion. Where is this persistent hard metal heading to, god alone knows or does anyone else know it too? Malayalee’s have a penchant for it since ages and I guess it’s tough for their quirk to reduce.

Relationships and Jobs are another fast moving example in this country or rather in Mumbai as well. I read an interesting article somewhere to which I couldn’t agree more, which said, Relationships are like Jobs, Sex is like Money. To survive in this developing economy the mantra to follow is “When your job is no longer paying you, it's time to look for a new employer”. And most of the youths or even grow-ups as a matter of fact believe in this – “You don't think about it much when you already get it. But when you don't have it (sex or money), that's when you just wish you could have more of it.”

The honesty, patience, long-term commitment, abiding, understanding, love, affection, sharing is more like a behind the time feeling in terms of both relationships and jobs. I love you is just another statement used for anyone and everyone these days with no true intention or real emotion. It’s the 21st century - the digital world where everything happens over the click of a technology and ends over this same technology.

This is called a developing country. Yes, everything is developing so fast that people have really forgotten the human touch, humanity, commitment, belief, faith, trust, care, help etc. People come people go in life is the way everyone lives in this developing country. Kids are more prone to technology than physical sports, more attracted to luxurious digital products than friends to play with, less communicative and more tech addictive. Junkies are preferred to Ma ke haath ke yummies. Struggle to fulfill the want of more and more money than the longing to strengthening family ties. Money is proving to be the kingdom for which everyone is striving to conquer it trampling down everything else. Festivals are more like a pompous event than having a devotional, human touch to it. It surely is a progress to see females moving at an equal pace with the males but along with professional growth there is rising concern to other habits being embraced by girls. Losing phones and losing virginity is fast pacing.

This city, country or world is developing but with blaring speakers, alcoholism, doping, rapes, thefts, corruption, scams, pollution, population, infidelity, animosity, fraudulent also rising with this development.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Everyday is a WAR...

It's just not a railway station,
It's more of a mission impossible.
Everyone is struggling hard to reach to their destination,
Shoving their way through the battlefield.

Everyday is like a war, fighting hard through hundred of thousand people,
Just to make a way out safe and wish to happily travel.
Pushing, hitting, scratching, pinching, screaming, screeching, cribbing,
Everyone is a part of this everyday game unwillingly.

Everyday is a surprise with different people u come across in your journey,
Everyday u face different situations, few are scary while few are funny.

Time flies away just so fast, running everyday like this.
Do you even realize how much of it have u lived completely just for your own Self?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Live, Love and Bless

It’s been quite some time I could actually sit down and pen down my thoughts. Or rather must say, did not find something to write about. But just thought there is so much happening around us every day, every moment with each one of us. And here I go with the same thought.

We come across so many people in life, while traveling, at work, at various occasions and various associations other than work in our daily life. Few come in our life just for say a minute or 10 minutes either while traveling or you bump into the person at a place just where you are. Then there are few who come in your life to make a difference and you feel like staying with that person for some more long time and the communication begins and stays for as long as you both decide to keep it on. Few get attached to each other and few detached due to various consequences. But at the end every person we meet leaves an imprint on your mind; a very good, a good and a bad one. It depends on each one of us whom to remember and whom to forget. But one should surely remember and be thankful to each one of them who meet in life and not think of what went wrong and bad. Instead, remember the best time you had with that person and thank god for those good times and that person to enter in your life. Why is it that sometimes you like a person in no time and you cling on to that person for either a short or a long time? But when you meet someone and start liking each other it’s not about just you, but it’s about you two people who meet. It’s just not about your thoughts and feelings but it’s also up to the other person. You like someone but not necessary that other person would like you too or rather should say would not feel on the same levels as you do. So do not expect anything from anyone you meet or you already have in your life. You should speak out truly and frankly to the person you meet how you feel about the person or can show it in ways by helping that person when needed. But do not expect anything in return. When you like someone, you accept that person in your life the way that person is and let that person the way it wants to be, because you are no one to change that person. If you think you need to change someone then that’s just you, change your own Self!

You like someone but that one does not think equally as you do, then respect that person and let them be the way they want to be. Thank god for making you come across this soul and bless it with pure source of energy. It’s about understanding our self, trusting our self, blessing our self and thanking god for all that happens in life. “Everything happens for the good” should be remembered and lived with. Because everything that happens in our life has a reason to happen and every decision of ours is responsible for something to happen. If things don’t happen the way you want then somewhere you are going wrong in your doing and your thoughts are making you feel that you wrong. Think well and make the best out of your decision till something good (the way you want) comes in life.

When there is too much of confusion about any particular thing in life you need to just relax and not think too much about it. Or you can decide it in this way; Confusion about one place/person/thing – think what made you fall for place/person/thing – think if the time that went by made you happy sometime back and if you can live it in the same way you did some time back. Don’t take life and relationships so seriously that you start suffocating in it and repent for getting into one.

Here I don’t mean to be happy go lucky and careless about life and relationships but just that give it a space to breathe by itself the way you want some fresh air to breathe for survival. Things which are meant for you and are destined will happen and no one can stop it from coming to you, so just take a deep breath, relax and think about all the good things that you possess and also the bad ones since that makes life fun to live with, and accept the way you are and the way others are. Just stop cribbing, bitching, mocking at people, and sharing secrets about others who shared with you trusting you blindly, laugh and make people laugh, respect every person as a pure soul, love and spread that pure love to people in this world and it will come back to you unexpectedly and in tonnes. Life is worth living so live and let live. You get it only once and you come across every new person only once, so enjoy every meeting and welcome that person with love and blessing.

Last but not the least;

"You will miss water,

when rivers will dry..

You will miss a friend,

when they say Good Bye!!!"

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's Commitment!!


The most dreaded word of all....Be it for any purpose, be it relationship, work, studies, pay your dues, etc...What exactly does it mean to commit? Does it mean to make a promise? Does it mean you are obliged to someone or something? Or is it that you are responsible for your commitment you make?
What exactly does it mean? Yes, all the above mean the same, but then why is it such a scaring fact to commit?
When you take a loan from a bank, a friend or any money lender you commit to pay back the amount in a stipulated time period upon a pre-decided agreement and you struggle and try your best to pay back.
When you are studying you commit to achieve a particular grade at a particular stage and you struggle for it.
When you are at work you are paid for a particular job, and you are committed or atleast expected to be committed to your work and so you try to prove yourself and achieve your set targets.
When you have a family you are committed to every particular individual in your family.
When you fall in love and decide to get into a relationship you are said to be committed to that one person.

But wait, all the above instances of commitment are much easier and not considered to be tough to commit to. But when it comes to love, relationship and marriage why does "Commitment" become like a huge jargon and a feeling of heavy emotions flowing with tension, anxiety and so much of worry.
If you love someone, its you who decides to love that person, something clicks and you get attached to that person and the feeling of love can be felt. The only face you can see and think of every moment is that one person you love. The one without whom your life seems just so incomplete. The person whom you can rely on completely and trust blindly. The one whom you accept with all the positives, negatives, happiness and sadness, past and the present state. The one with whom you decide to spend your entire life and create a beautiful future together. Come what may, be it a bright sunny day or a storm the hand does not leave that one. The one whose pain can be felt by you completely and felt like its your own pain. The one whose tears can never be seen by you. The one who trusts you blindly and vice versa. The one whom you can never think of cheating or expect to be cheated by that one.

If all this is what Love, relationship is all about then what makes Commitment so difficult? Is it the feeling of responsibility one has to take of the other that scares, or is it the different issues to be considered like the family acceptance, the family background, financial security, past relationship baggage not forgotten, friends and some close people suggesting or advising you various things to be considered, just in case you have not considered according to them. Then one day you realize oh, I did not consider these things and just fell for that person completely. And then the Happy Realization of whether you should commit or not or if you already have committed then Hoila!!! Reconsidering the decision and the frustration begins in the so called relationship and the commitment word becomes like a suffocating factor.

Does Commitment to that one person make you feel like you bound to someone and you are handcuffed and feel like life ends there?
Can't commitment be considered just like the extended feeling of Love? If you connect with someone, you decide to be with that person and that one person means everything for you and you are respected, trusted and loved by that one person. You cannot think about even looking or liking someone or getting into any other relations other than that person. That one person is the only one you want to give your 100% love, trust, care and support to. Both are equally responsible for each other and don't live as 2 different individuals but one soul which has one dream of having a beautiful future together. Both stand strong and go against the entire world if any day the world goes against anyone. Both give each other the entire support in all times be it happy or sad.
That one person's entry in your life makes so much of a difference. It makes you feel good, makes you feel happy, makes you feel that you don't need anyone but just that one person. Both give each other the equal importance and priority.
Give that total support, love, care, respect and work towards having a beautiful relation together for the entire life and life is just so wonderful and peaceful. You both are there for each other and there is nothing that can break you and none of you can even allow anything to come in between you.

Thats commitment!!

So Love truly and don't think about Commitment as something different but its just as beautiful as the feeling of Love!

Enjoy it completely!!!
Love that One proudly and Commit to that One proudly!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Time to Change

Time to Change

Girl, female, woman, lady, wife, mother – so many roles the fairer section has been playing in this world since the origin of human being or rather origin of this universe. In all these roles, it’s always been a painful and a difficult phase for the female section. An infant baby grows up to a girl and is considered to be like a piece of feather or a glass to be taken care or handled with care. A girl grows up and soon becomes a wife and a mother to bear the pain for the birth of another child and all the various feminine problems till her last breath. Though female is meant to be the most beautiful and the soft and wonderful creation of god on this earth, she has to be so vigilant and struggle in her life always. There are just two types of human on this earth male and female with the same soul, the same source of origin then why the discrepancy, why the indifference towards female?

Imagine a world without female, just a world full of males. How would it be to live in such a world? Would life be as exciting as it is currently, would it be as worthy living as it is now? Yes, the existence of human would come to halt at a particular time being no reproduction process happening without female existence. It’s an interesting yet a little scary thought to think of, a life without females. Coming back to the point of female, how is it that this fairer section has been facing so many troubles since birth. Since decades, female infanticide, dowry, prostitution, child marriage, rape has always involved the victimization of women how would these issues be addressed. Females are the ones who have always tackled domestic issues along with corporate issues and also been strong through every stage of her life in this world till date. If the opposite sex feels that the role females have to play cannot be played by them and vice versa, then I strongly feel they should also respect the females across and give them the equal opportunity to live and grow in this world.

To some extent, along with globalization and economic development the fairer section is no less than the stronger male section these days. As seen, woman have outnumbered the male terms of corporate world and economic development, I still doubt the issue of gender equality is achieved 100%. The fairer section has always been a weak point for males across geographic and demographic borders. And this is the root cause for all the issues women face. The beauty, fairness, physical form of women has always been the point of attraction for the opposite sex which allows relationships to happen and the generations to be built. Hang on, but this is just not the purpose of female existence here. Earlier, the illiterate and lower sections of rural and few urban people were firm believers in female infanticide and showed complete interest and concentration on girl child birth and the moment a girl was born they snarled like hungry wolves and before the poor child could even open her eyes and take her first breath she was brutally sent back to the world from where she came. The ones who were born already and living their life had more of a dreadful and scary life amongst the devils around her. Either she was not allowed to get educated or she had to get married to a man who was thrice her age and live her entire life with him, giving birth to a child in the age when she should actually be playing like a child and learning at school. She had to act like a woman in adolescent age and become a widow when she should ideally be finding her love and getting married. But these girls lived this life as they blindly followed their mothers and the others in the same section and believed it as the way of living for themselves. But thanks to the great woman fighters and the change makers who opened the eyes of the women across the world and voice their views and fight against the evil acts. Child marriage, no girl education, female infanticide issues to a large extent have been solved but in this huge world of 1000 villages and cities, a population of 100 billion there exists the small blots of these issues in small corners which will take time to change.

But though these issues have been solved, I feel the other issues for women still exists. Eve teasing, sexual abuse, rapes, prostitution are problems which need to be addressed and eradicated totally. It’s not about getting rid of these issues but as a citizen, as a human every person should realize their own birth rights and start respecting their own self and in the same way the existence of this fair section. Instead of checking out a girl from top to bottom, why not think of supporting the girl in living and walking with pride and security in this world. A girl walking by is always scanned, tried to be touched, addressed with cheap remarks and grimy looks by the so called men in this world make her feel like a waste and her survival wretched. As these men have a right to live, enjoy and have a great life so do women have and are here to make a difference in their own and others lives too. The eve-teasers forget that their origin to this world is also from a woman and if they could respect their mother they need to understand their simple duty towards this small city and every female they come across here. I would not offend the opposite sex but yes I would also make it a point here that women need to act sensible and be aware of their existence and not provoke anyone around and then run blaming others for any problems. Females should understand and respect their own self and their physical form here and not use the beautiful shapes of their bodies to expose or attract or impress someone. This is one reason why the opposite sex biologically gets active and gets attracted to females exposing themselves. This surely is not meant to be offensive for females but just a word of caution to avoid any unwanted problems. Prostitution is legal in few places and though not everyone would agree with me, I do not understand the rationale for allowing this as a profession and a making it legal worldwide since centuries. Why particular sects of girls are made a part of this unwanted profession and to some extent how can few voluntarily consider of getting into this? Though pornography is a well accepted and must and majorly used source to satisfy or sexual urge to some extent, I do not understand the mental capacity and self respect the porn stars carry in them to actually sell their nudity. If decent girls like us find prostitutes and porn sites as immoral then why do the male we have in our family or friend circle support these things? Are the porn stars or prostitutes not born from a bonding of a wonderful relation and don’t they have parents whom they should look upon (if the parents too are into this profession god forbid them). Don’t they feel like having a life of their own, a committed relation and a wonderful family of their own? There would be hardly a 10-15% if this section who at their own accord fall into this and there are majority who reluctantly fall into this trap, thanks to the pimps (both male and female-madam) who roam in this world hunting for fresh fair skin blood across.

So how do we as a citizen make a difference for these issues or rather I feel each one of us should take this as making a difference as a human to understand the pain of other humans. I know in the fast world of today, no one lives for others, no one cares a damn for others but if we make a small shift in our thoughts am sure, each one of us will have a peaceful sleep at night thinking I made at least a small difference in this world. If it is said that to eradicate corruption one should stop corruption at own house then every single issue in this world we face needs to start being addressed by each one of us. In such a big city, there are so many nooks which we are unaware of being a house of flesh selling business but none of us have the audacity to raise our voice against it, being petrified with the thought of being faced with death. But why not anonymously address such places to the concerned official department and try your best to eradicate and daunt such devils and give the dark alleys a ray of hope.

The next time you see some crook passing spiteful comments to any girl, hold his collar and ask “Tu kyun aaya re iss life mein, yehi karne kya?” And am sure this scornfulness should make him feel ashamed of his act. You may think this would not help as either this crook will come back with few more hooligans along with him or might just shrug you off obnoxiously. But why depress yourself before you raise a voice against the crook. Be a hero and make a difference. I feel every male should remember that every female is someone’s daughter, sister, wife or mother. If every person starts respecting one self and thinks before passing a malicious comment against any female pass by. It’s high time people need to be more responsible, courteous, benevolent and earn some respect for themselves and understand and respect the life of the fairer skin.

PS: Being a fair skin myself I have tried not to be biased or offensive towards any gender here, kindly be gentle at your comments :)